Monday, July 13, 2009

Awe thanks!

I've been given the same award by two of my online blogging friends, so I better stop slacking and get it posted. Thank you to Shemaine and Katy for thinking of me!

First I have to list 7 fabulous bloggers that I want to nominate for the award and then 7 things that are unique about me.

So here's my seven of my many many favorites! All these ladies have so much talent!

Here is some useless non crafting info about me! :)

1. I can no longer write a note, online or in real life, without putting smilies on it.
2. I was born in PA, but couldn't tell you a thing about the state, other than Hershey's Chocolate is good.
3. Growing up every person in my immediate family had the initials JL.
4. I don't mind doing laundry, but I HATE putting it away.
5. I loved pets as kid, but as a mom I am having second thoughts.
6. I can beat you at Dr. Mario! ;)
7. I own lots of shoes but none of them are high heals.


Tiff said...

Thanks so much girlie :) I think it's funny that you own lots of shoes that AREN'T heels...heehee!

de said...

Thanks Jenn. Just completed mine! Interesting facts! TFS!

de said...

Congrats on your win over on Pamela's blog!!! Woo hoo!

lori vliegen said...

what a beautiful award....congratulations!! you deserve it! :)