Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Entertaining the Girls with E.A.D Glingz

I like stickers as much as the next person but I DON'T like them on my windows.  The girls put these on their bedroom window (yes I was there, I thought they looked like the kind that would come off easier...I was wrong). This weekend I decided to SCRAPE them off and let the girls put up something that was window friendly... 

Like these E.A.D Designs Dandelion Clingz!  The best part is they are pink, brown and green! The exact colors in in the girls bedroom!
Please follow the link for a better view of the clingz sheet.

Here is Alice placing her dandelion!

Of course Aurora's has to go higher and be pink!

Dandelions in the sun (maybe I should try taking a pic on a cloudy day).

Close up view

Once the girls placed all the dandelions, they came after my silly owls!!! I guess they were having fun.

There are a few more Clingz designs over at E.A.D, like Monster Clingz.  Perfect for any little boys who need a fun weekend project.  I hope this blog post can save you from an hour of SCRAPING stickers off your windows. :) 


Anonymous said...

These are the cutest pictures ever. I think your little girls just might have a job with EAD :)

Lydia said...

Those silly owls are just to cute!! What a fun a rainy day entertainment idea!!