Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alice in Wonderland........need I say more??

So I thought I would share a little of my "Alice" collection with you.  No I won't be taking detailed photos and listing it all, but you can get an idea.  

My Alice stuff got to take over our upstairs hallway, WOO HOO! Here is some of my Alice art. (Yes, we hang the pictures crooked on purpose!) I have more I need to frame and hang, and GASP one I have to find. :( I hope it didn't get lost when we moved, cause it's SUPER AWESOME and from one of my favorite artists, Jimmy Pickering.)

My hubby made me this shelf for my collectables.  Sadly they don't all fit, so I have to pick and choose.  In the frame is an old map of Disneyland from right before Space Mountain opened. 

Ok, so why did I feel the need to share this? Because... Emily from E.A.D Designs sent over some ALICE IN WONDERLAND CLING-ITS the other week but there was a catch.  They were for my GIRLS, NOT ME?!?! UGH! She is so MEAN!! ;) So I thought I would share how hard it was for me not to use them in my space and let the girls use them in their room.

See how cute the little Cheshire cat would have been next to my Pirate edition Cheshire cat! 

Not to mention how cute they all would have been lined up on the baseboards of my hallway! HMPH! I guess I just have to order some for me!

After I was done playing around, I gave them pack to the girls as promised.
Here is Aurora lining up the dormouse just where she wanted it.

Alice had to help too and I am happy to say that they cling wonderfully to their new ikea dresser! HOORAY!


刁陳 said...

人生中最重要的是要自尊、自愛、自立、自強、自信。 ....................................................

Emily said...

Love your Alice collection.
They look so cute on the dresser.
Sorry for being such a meanie:)

Michelle Annat said...

They do look cute on the dresser!! I hope you find your missing picture!