Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flowers in a Gourd

When I saw this idea in an email from Better Homes and Garden, I knew I wanted to try it out.  Basically you are just using a fresh gourd as a flower vase, BRILLIANT!  I picked up my gourd at the pumpkin patch this weekend (I am now wishing I had picked up more than one).  Then my next step was flowers. When my husband and I would vacation to Astoria and surrounding areas we would always see TONS of little flower stands on the side of the road and in front of peoples homes. Most of them never had any flowers, and we had NO clue what they were for.  Well, now that I live here, I LOVE THEM!  The owners of the stand pick and arrange beautiful flowers they grow on their property and place them in the stands to sell to people like me (who kill everything).  The best part is that they are so lovely and only cost $2! Next I cut off the top of my gourd and used a knife and wooden takeout chopstick to hollow out the middle of the gourd to make room for the flower stems.  Place a little bit of water in the gourd, arrange flowers, and your done!  Super fast and super cute!  This little gourd of flowers found a new home at my friend Summer's house with a thank you card for watching our home a couple weeks ago.  (It got a cute little ribbon tied around it too, but I forgot to take a new pic)

Anyone have any other fast and easy fall ideas? Leave a comment below :)

It's also HIP HOP THURSDAY!  Go HERE to the UNITY STAMP CO BLOG to see what it is all about! 


Ashley said...

This is lovely! I might have to borrow your idea to do as a hostess gift!

Ryann said...

What a great idea. Your flowers are lovely!

Laura said...

Holy macaroni. . .this is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!