Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Unity's Husband Challenge

The girls on the SCS Unity Forum decided to make a challenge for the husbands this week.  Basically the only requirement was that they stamp  (Nick wasn't too happy about this at first, he wanted more guidelines).  It took him a little while to pick out his Unity kit (Trick or Treat Peeps) and then get the hang of using them, but he quickly got to work.  I must say I was a little worried when he decided he wasn't going to use any sort of embellishment, but I should have known better.  My husband is very creative and I love his work (usually digital). He also does a little bit of paper crafting.  I love his card, and the fact that it has a racing strip!
My craft area is my dining room table.  Nick stamps, while my daughter Aurora plays on Nick    I've never had to stand on the chair while making a card, I had to take a picture of that!
     Nick's card - Front, inside, and back                        


Michelle Annat said...

Oh My Goodness, this is awesome!!!! I love it when they get creative. I have saved every card Jeremy has ever made with my stuff!! Good work Nick!

Stacy said...

wow he did really good!!! I actually stand in a chair sometimes when I scrap so I can look straight down to see if my pics and embellies are straight LOL

V said...

Wow! Not that I didn't know he was creative, but I am impressed! :) So what is the chair all about? Change of perspective?

Excellent work Nick!

mamaT said...

that's too cool. i knew nick could do it. maybe you both could go into the card making business. isn't this how it goes...a family that stamps together, stays together. :)