Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Move to Etsy!

I have been slowly but surely adding more and more items to my Etsy store  (  I was even featured in a treasury today! How exciting!  I'm still waiting for that first etsy sale but I know that it will happen soon!  I haven't added that many items from Torendi since you still have a week left to shop in the store at 20% off with coupon code: moving

Instead I have been trying to focus on my handmade goodies.  Here is some of what I have listed:

Thanks for all the support!

P.S. I just noticed I am over 100 followers! Look for blog candy soon!


de said...

Adorable! Good luck on the "move"!

Shawnee said...

Good luck on the "move". I love your scrabble card. :)

AmandaB said...

Wow, all your projects are so creative..