Friday, January 7, 2011

Torendi is Closing! 20% off!

I am sad to announce that Torendi will be closing on Friday January 21st (that gives you 2 weeks to shop).  Due to some unforeseen family circumstances it's just something that had to be done.  I'm so glad I got the experience to run Torendi and wish I could continue to do it forever. BIG BIG thanks to all of our supporting customers, blog followers, and design teams members.  I couldn't have done it without you and I will be forever grateful.

With that being said all items in the store will be 20% of with coupon code:  moving

Why moving?  Well, I am going to try to slowly add Torendi items over to Etsy. It won't be the same as Torendi and it won't have all the items Torendi has now but it will be something if you still need your imported crafting fix! I would suggest stocking up now during the 20% off sale and paying the flat rate shipping fees if you have a big order! Some items will be marked up higher on Etsy to cover the fees they charge.

You will be able to find items on Etsy HERE 

I will also be adding my handmade items to the Etsy store.  It is one part of this huge transition that I am truly excited for. So you will soon be able to find my cards, necklaces, frames, magnets and more on Etsy! 


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Nicole Maki said...

Oh, Jenn. I hope everything is okay with you. Closing Torendi must have been a very hard decision for you.

Wishing you every manner of good luck in whatever you are dealing with.