Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone

Hope you all have a warm and welcoming place to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday.  I'm at my MIL for most of the weekend, I brought some stamping stuff, but we will see what I get accomplished.  My dd did make a gingerbread house last night and I will have to post a couple of those pics later today.  

I also wanted to post there are a few things going on at Unity for the weekend.

Go to the unity blog for all the details, but I will do a quick breakdown too.

1) They are selling a super cute kit for a great price, but the best part is HALF the proceeds go to a great cause.  

2) There are of course super hip hop deals :)

3) It's referrer a friend weekend.  So if you are my friend and want to order, now is the time.  

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