Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last Halloween Post for the Year

It's the day after Halloween and I'm sure everyone is on a sugar HIGH! I just wanted to post a couple things to finish up this fun filled day and then on to new holidays.  

Here are my girls and husband all dressed up and ready to go get their Halloween treats.  Not that many people knew what the girls were supposed to be, but that's ok, I LOVE their costumes! (One lady called my daughter a cute M & M)

I also wanted to share this photo.  The mask I found in my mailbox this morning!?! I don't know if it was meant to scare me or if someone was just trying to get rid of it.  Any ideas?  The main thing I waned to share was the treat bag that my daughter received yesterday. It's supposed to look like a witch's broom, made from a stick, a piece of twine, and two brown paper bags.  SO CUTE, and so simple! I might have to copy this next year.  

ok, on to my next post! 

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Pinky said...

heheheh too fun! love it!