Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Layouts, yes I am doing them!

So I said I wanted to do 2 layouts a week on this post and so far so good! We will see how long that last. ;) I want to make sure that I remember to post them here so that  my blog readers can make sure I stay on track!  Also, I would REALLY REALLY love your ideas on taking better photos of layouts.  I try to use my light box but it's just not working out.  Anyway, as you can see I am way behind on layouts of my girls, so that's probably what you will be seeing most of.  Oh and they aren't going to be the most elaborate layouts either since I am playing catch up and trying to bust out these bad boys as fast as I can.

For this layout I used the Cosmo Cricket papers in the Torendi "Fresh Mix" Kit with the new Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety Stamps. 

I love the little paper pieced bee wings!

The next two layouts are the same KandCompany papers and photos from the same day but I have to scrapbook some things twice (or three times) so that everyone has a page for their own book!  Gee, why am I behind?? ;) 

The photo of Rori laughing so makes me think of the "Mad Hatter" LOL

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Anonymous said...

Love the layouts Jenn. The tea time one is adorable.