Thursday, November 4, 2010

All Alice!

Oh Alice! It's so hard for me not to collect every little Alice in Wonderland themed thing I see! I had this problem before naming my daughter Alice and now I just have an extra excuse!  I did good though...I only picked up this adorable pouch in Japan Town the other day and there were so many other Alice things to buy.  The pouch is filled with kawaii stickers (I will probably never use them...must hoard!)! 

Then I sat down and made a couple Alice in Wonderland themed cards!  I used the Alice and Wonderland Stickerz from E.A.D Designs and the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Stamps from Torendi.

"Card" card

"White Rabbit" card

Sadly the Alice Stamps are sold out but they also come in Little 3 Pigs and Hansel and Gretel!

There are also some new SALE ITEMS in the Torendi Shop! 

Thanks for stopping by! What's your obsession? 


Emily said...

That is so cute.. Love the cards:)

joeygirl86 said...

Cute cards Jenn!

The Mama Monkey said...
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The Mama Monkey said...

So, when I was in High School (last year, in case you were wondering...**ahem**), there was a girl who drove a white VW Rabbit with a license plate that was "ML8 ML8". Your card reminded me of that!

Michelle Annat said...

Love these!! What a great thing to collect! I love purses!!

Metal_Minish said...

Too adorably kawaii cards you created with the stickers and stamps!
Japan sure are experts when it comes to cuteness~

~amy~ said...


yyam said...


I collect any giraffe-related. Terrible I know. I go to the zoo just to see the giraffes! LOL!